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If you are a creator too and your project needs some authentic sound, check out our own exclusive sound libraries. 

Wherever you need to go, we've been there and recorded high quality sound effects for you. 

The City. A busy place. Source for thousands of sounds and ambiences. "City" collects a great selection of city ambiences to bring these busy places to life in your project: Squares, traffic, public transportation, rooftop and more.

91 Files • 1,79gb • various formats - see tracklist


91 Files • 1,79gb • various formats - see tracklist

The "Mini" series gets you a carefully selected collection of characteristic sounds for smaller projects. 


It's Summer time! "Mini - Summer" supports summer essential sound effects. Whether you need an ambience for full moon fireplace sessions, crickets or pool splashes: this one is for you.

16 files • 104,6mb • various formats - see tracklist




"Alps" includes a huge variety of Ambiences recorded in a small region in Switzerland which is still in its original and natural state. Through a minimum of civilisation and a base in a cabin up on the mountains, it was possible to catch super clean and natural ambiences with a minimum of noise pollution. So we made sure this library includes a pure alps experience.

This collection gets you a wide variety of rivers, quiet forests, birds, valleys, fields and more recorded from different perspectives and heights.

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